<![CDATA[Healthful Family Conversations  - Blog]]>Wed, 23 Dec 2015 11:15:50 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Inviting Excellence Into Your Life]]>Thu, 21 Aug 2014 04:01:50 GMThttp://healthfulfamilyconversations.weebly.com/blog/inviting-excellence-into-your-lifeHave you been operating on autopilot? Are you overwhelmed by the cares of life, wanting to excel but finding success just out of reach? Are you just going with the flow but actually finding that your wheels are just spinning and you are getting nowhere? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Jenny Hester’s new book “21 Ways To Invite Excellence Into Your Life” is a must read.

Jenny has been where you are and was able to find that elusive excellence that escapes many of us. She has taken the time to document the process in an easy to read book. The steps are clear and invite you to find excellence on your terms in your own way. Each chapter gives an action step that helps you to take a tiny step, which when done gives gigantic results.

The book is a comprehensive guide to making lifestyle changes. You may choose to work at changing one area in your life or you may choose to work on several areas. Whatever your choice you will find yourself enjoying life more.

This quote from the book summarises why we should invite excellence into our lives:

          “To Invite Excellence into our Life we must decide to do things differently than the status quo. The status quo are broke           and miserable with their lives. They live the same boring life day in and day out thinking that every day is the same.                 Every day is not the same. Every day is a brand new shiny opportunity screaming out your name to make a difference in           it. We get to open our eyes to a fresh start every morning. At night, God brings the darkness as to say, “I am closing               the curtain on this act”. Every morning he raises the sun to tell us that the curtain is going up. You get to write the script           for the play that begins every morning in your life. What are you going to write about today? Don’t be afraid of what                   others will think because you choose to live your life differently. They will simply be jealous of you. Jealous of your                   courage, determination, and freedom.”

If you are tired of just existing go to http://jenniferhester.com/the-book/ and get your copy of “21 Ways To Invite Excellence Into Your Life”. If you do so August 19-21, 2014 you will get ten free books as a bonus. Jenny has made it easy for you to move forward with the success you are seeking. No more excuses, take action today. In Jenny’s words; “Choosing to take action can be scary. If you’re afraid that’s okay, just choose to do it afraid.”